Posted by: Bipin Upadhyay | November 12, 2007

Gulzar: Random Couplets from Triveni 1

Udd ke jaate hue panchhi ne bas itna hi dekha,
Der tak haath hilaati rahi wah shaakh fiza mein.


Alvida kahne ko? Ya paas bulane ke liye?


Here Gulzar Saab uses the relationship between a bird and the branch of a tree. Literally it means that the bird which flew away from the branch could see that the branch moved to-and-fro (probably because of the pressure that the bird put on it before flying). The motion resembled very closely to the hand movements of a human being.

The bird, however, could not make out whether the movement was to wish the final Goodbye… or to call him back…


Bas hawa bhari hai golon mein,
Sui chubh jaye to pichak jayein.


Log gusse mein bam nahi bante.


This couplet depicts the situation when a kid/beloved gets angry. The cheeks swell and resemble a balloon filled with air. A tip of a needle would do the magic of bringing the situation back to normal.

After all, people don’t become bomb in anger 🙂


Na har saher ka woh jhagda, Na shab ki bechaini,
Na chulha jalta hai ghar mein na aankhein jalti hain.


Kitne aman se ghar mein udaas rahta hoon.


Relationships are strange… and one such strange face, can’t-live-with-you–can’t-live-without-you, is described in the above lines… very neatly. Gulzar saab says that neither do I have those every morning (saher) quarrels, nor any mental distress at nights (shab).

I live peacefully upset in the house.

Note: These couplets have been taken from Gulzar Saab’s book Triveni published by Rupa. Triveni is the sangam of three rivers, Ganga, Jamuna, and Saraswati. Similary, the first two lines represent Ganga and Jamuna, and provide complete meaning to the topic. However, the third line, Saraswati provides a completely new dimension to what’s being said.



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  2. gulzar saab so emotional,so sentimental.his poetry is touching.he understands the deepest feeling of human relationship.but why he failed to save his married life?????????????????????

  3. Well actually….he did save his marriage…..they are not divorced till date…just that they don’t live under one roof. They celebrate all their festivals together. Besides a decision is always not taken solely…there are two people involved….
    I’m terribly sorry for such a late response….but better late than never 🙂

  4. nice idea to add a punchline after the conventional couplets.

  5. Goooood post. Thanks…… I am gulzar saab’s fan from ever. Can you post more from Triveni or mail me at itsgaurav.gupta[@]


  6. Can someone please tell me where I can obtain this book Triveni or if there is a pdf version of it or reading of it by someone like Nassirudin shah or Gulzaar himself?



  7. Hlo..i am big fan of gulzaar saab…but pls explain me meaning of ths triveni…do rang nikale pitare se ek dhundla sa ek rootha sa..rootha hua parinda apne desh udd gaya

    • I haven’t read this one. Is this really by Gulzar?

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